Wire Splices

Wire splices are essential components in electrical work, allowing for the secure connection of two or more wires. This category includes a variety of wire splice connectors in different sizes and materials to accommodate a wide range of wire gauges and applications.

The Molex 19207-0001 Parallel Splice Connector is designed for 22-18 gauge wires and features a brazed construction for added durability. Similarly, the Molex 19208-0001 and 19208-0002 Parallel Splice Connectors are suitable for 16-14 gauge and 12-10 gauge wires respectively, providing a reliable non-insulated connection.

For larger wires, the Molex 19205-0004 Parallel Splice Connector is ideal for 8 gauge wires and also features a brazed design for a secure splice. Additionally, the category includes small brass open wire splices in a pack of 25, providing a cost-effective solution for smaller wire connections.

Almanzar Motorsports offers a medium-sized open wire splice in packs of 25, providing a versatile option for various electrical projects. These wire splices are designed to meet industry standards and ensure a safe and reliable connection for your wiring needs.

Whether you are working on a small DIY project or a larger electrical installation, having the right wire splices is crucial for maintaining a safe and efficient electrical system. Browse through our selection of wire splice connectors to find the right fit for your project.