The Mitsubishi product category offers a range of high-quality performance parts and accessories designed specifically for Mitsubishi vehicles. With a focus on precision engineering and advanced technology, these products are perfect for those looking to upgrade their vehicle's performance and reliability.

One of the key products in this category is the Almanzar Motorsports 4G93 crank trigger kit, which is engineered to provide accurate and reliable crankshaft position data for improved engine performance. The 4G63 crank trigger kit is another popular option, offering similar benefits for Mitsubishi vehicles with a different engine type.

For those with a Mitsubishi 6G75 3.8L Mivec engine, the Almanzar Motorsports crank timing kit is an essential addition to ensure optimal engine timing and performance. Additionally, the Mitsubishi 4G93 trigger kits - available in both 13 magnet and 1 magnet options - provide precise ignition timing for improved fuel efficiency and power output.

Whether you're a racing enthusiast looking to upgrade your Mitsubishi vehicle for the track or simply want to enhance your daily driving experience, the Mitsubishi product category has something for everyone. Trust in the quality and reliability of these performance parts to take your Mitsubishi vehicle to the next level.