The Wiring category offers a wide range of products designed to meet the electrical needs of automotive enthusiasts and professionals. From jumper harnesses to connector kits, this category provides essential components for wiring and electrical systems in vehicles.

Products like the Almanzar Motorsports K Series FT450 Jumper Harness and the FT550 Jumper Harness are specialized harnesses that make wiring K Series engines a breeze. The Cam to cam crank splitter and cam trigger kit splitter are essential for precise timing and sensor connections in engine builds.

For those in need of dependable connectors, the Deutsch 3 Pin Mini DTM Series Complete Connector Kit and 4 Pin Mini DTM Series Complete Connector Kit offer high-quality, reliable connections for a variety of applications. The Almanzar Motorsports Superseal 1.0 Solid terminals provide a Deutsch-style solution for solid connections in demanding environments.

For specific engine configurations, the 4 cylinder coil harness and Fuel pump relay upgrade offer plug-and-play solutions to streamline wiring installations. Additionally, the 6 gang rocker switch panel provides a convenient way to control various electrical components in vehicles.

Whether you are building a custom vehicle, upgrading your wiring system, or need reliable connectors for automotive applications, the Wiring category has the products you need to ensure top-notch electrical performance in your vehicle. Trust these high-quality components to keep your vehicle running smoothly and efficiently.