Trigger Kits

Trigger kits are essential components for vehicles with advanced ignition systems, allowing for precise timing and improved engine performance. In this category, you will find a wide selection of trigger kits designed to enhance the functionality of various car models.

Delacruz Motorsports offers high-quality trigger kits such as the B Series 24-2 Crank Trigger Wheel and the K Series Trigger Wheel, ideal for enthusiasts looking to upgrade their ignition systems. These kits are known for their durability and reliability, ensuring optimal performance on the road or the track.

Almanzar Motorsports also provides a range of trigger kits for different car models, including the full B Series Non Vtec Trigger Kit and the ultimate full B Series Vtec Trigger Kit. These kits are designed to improve engine response and maximize power output, making them popular choices among performance-oriented drivers.

Whether you need a Crank Trigger Sensor and Bracket Kit for your B Series engine or a Cam Trigger Kit for your Mazda Rx7, Almanzar Motorsports has you covered. Their innovative designs and high-quality materials ensure long-lasting performance and precise timing for your vehicle.

From D Series to H Series engines, there is a trigger kit available for almost every car model in this category. Upgrade your ignition system and unlock the full potential of your engine with these top-of-the-line trigger kits.